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Parviz FirouzkarPaul Parviz Firoozkar

I was born in Mashad, Iran in 1946. A year after my birth my family moved to Tehran. I graduated high school in 1962.

From 1963-1965, I attended the Advanced Institute of Commerce but left to pursue a career in voice dubbing and acting.

I began doing voiceovers in 1961 before graduating high school. After just a few years in this industry, I performed voiceovers for actors such as; Lee Marvin, George Kennedy, Rod Steiger, and various other European actors. My full-time job included translating/dubbing films, television and animated movies. This ended abruptly at the start of the Iranian Revolution in 1979.

In October 1979, my wife, our two young children and I swiftly left Iran and departed to Spain where we waited three months for our U.S. visa’s to be processed.

From 1982-2011 I worked on various television and film productions. I was a news anchor for Jam-E-Jam television, Iran TV, Pars TV and Chanel 1 TV.

The films I acted in include, Hotel Astoria and On Wings of Eagles. I also had roles in several theatrical plays such as Matarsag and Esther Queen of Persia.

Much of my work has also been in radio. From 1999 until present time I have been working as a Host of live talk show and news.

From 2011-present I have been doing dubbing for characters in the following series; Downtown Abbey (voice of Robert Crawley, played by Hugh Bonneville), Hercule Poirot (voice of David Suchet), Heroes (voices of Nathan Petrelli, played by Adrian Pasdar and Sylar, played by Zachary Quinto).


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