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  1. A quiet end for Fidel Castro

    Fidel Castro’s quiet endCubans are left to ponder what life will be like now that the man who ruled for more than five decades has been laid to rest.

  2. Families of MH370's missing hunt for clues

    Ghislain Wattrelo, a Frenchman whose wife and two children were onboard the missing Malaysian Flight MH370, shows a leaflet to let people know how to handle debris. (AP)Relatives launch their own campaign to search for debris in an effort to solve the mystery of how the plane disappeared in 2014.

  3. Subprime auto lending not a looming crisis

    Subprime auto lending not a looming crisis. (Getty Images)The market for car loans is actually getting stronger, with subprime loans declining and prime ones increasing.

  4. An eerie attack reminder for Pearl Harbor kids

    Children who lived through Pearl Harbor attack rememberA sign of the time after the 1941 attack — a class photo showing students holding bags with gas masks.

  5. White House scolds Trump for Taiwan call

    White House scolds Donald Trump for Taiwan call. Shown: Trump; White House press secretary Josh Earnest. (AP)Officials say they received no heads-up about the controversial call, which angered China without reaping any benefits for the U.S.


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