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Health News

  1. Woman Burned with Acid by Ex Returns

    Woman Burned with Acid by Ex ReturnsChristy was attacked and disfigured by an enraged ex-boyfriend. After Christy broke things off with her ex, he threw acid in her face, targeting her eyes. Para-medical micro pigment specialist Basma Hameed volunteered to provide cosmetic procedures to Christy free of charge! Hotel search site trivago provided all the travel for Christy’s procedure.

  2. Will Intervention Save an Alcoholic Mom?

    Will Intervention Save an Alcoholic Mom?Elizabeth’s family worries that she will contribute to that grim statistic if she doesn’t stop drinking – but can an intervention save her life? “I drink all day long, every day,” Elizabeth admits – about a fifth of vodka a day. Elizabeth says, “I was single, I started social-drinking.” And after two more failed marriages, her drinking began to spiral out of control.” Daughter Amber says that “When I was in eighth grade, I knew something wasn’t right.

  3. Is Lipstick for the Lady Parts a Good Idea?

    Is Lipstick for the Lady Parts a Good Idea?The following material contains mature subject matter. ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork explains that the product is meant to be used as a moisturizer for sensitive feminine tissues. Ob/Gyn Dr. Nita Landry, however, says “Less is more” when it comes to those intimate areas.

  4. Blooms for Better Health!

    Blooms for Better Health!Research has shown the mood-boosting power of flowers!

  5. Reincarnation of Baseball Legend?

    Reincarnation of Baseball Legend?Christian has been fascinated by baseball since he was one year old. “The first time I played baseball, it just felt very natural,” says Christian. When Cathy showed Christian pictures of players from Babe Ruth’s era, he pointed to one man and said, “That’ me!” The player was Yankee great Lou Gehrig.


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