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Health News

  1. Dr. Travis’ Secret Cheap and Healthy Guacamole Ingredient

    Dr. Travis’ Secret Cheap and Healthy Guacamole IngredientOb/Gyn Dr. Nita Landry is no fan of healthy food – but will she be won over by ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork’s super-nutritious guacamole?

  2. Myths about Narcolepsy Debunked

    Myths about Narcolepsy DebunkedCould you suffer from narcolepsy – and not even know it!? Learn the truth about a disease that affects about 200,000 people in the U.S. Sufferers can experience excessive daytime sleepiness, sleep paralysis, muscle weakness, hallucinations when falling asleep or waking up, and disrupted sleep. • Do people with narcolepsy sleep all the time?

  3. Sleeping Man Attacks Wife after He Dreamt She Was Cheating

    Sleeping Man Attacks Wife after He Dreamt She Was CheatingThe Doctors bring in pulmonary and sleep specialist Dr. Raj Dasgupta to try and explain this horrifying case. “Alcohol will knock you out, it will make you sleep quicker, but on the first half of the night you don’t get what is called REM sleep,” he says, explaining that in the second part of the night you do have more REM sleep.

  4. Tips to Kick the Smoking Habit

    Tips to Kick the Smoking HabitShawn says he was so addicted to cigarettes that he kept smoking after he was diagnosed with cancer. Today Shawn works with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Tips from Former Smokers Campaign, helping others quit smoking. “My brother and one of my sisters died from complications of diabetes, which were made worse by smoking,” she says.

  5. Kelly Rowland Wrote the Book on Motherhood

    Kelly Rowland Wrote the Book on MotherhoodGrammy-winner Kelly Rowland knows how new moms feel – because she is one. “Whoa Baby!” aims to offer an honest look at new motherhood – and Kelly’s shocked expression on the cover says it all! “I’m so excited to be here – I’m such a fan of the show!” Kelly tells ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork.


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